The Hero's Guide to Saving Your Kingdom - Christopher Healy, Todd Harris

I serously didn’t realise that ‘The Hero’s Guide to Saving Your Kingdom' by Chrisopher Healy was a book for kids until I had it on my bookshelf.

It’s a really nice book but I doubt that it would get kids to read. I think it’s a book a kid would read if

it’s already into reading.

This is a fairy tale retelling in which four princes need to rescue … well, some people. Mostly kidnapped bards who are actually the original cause of their own trouble because, you see, they never get the details right. Especially about the princes. They always end up being called ‘Prince Charming’ in the stories - which isn’t very helpful considering that they might want a piece of that fame (or at some point that fame actually is no good at all).

What I really liked about this book is that all the characters are so different. And although it’s a book about some guys you also get some cool girls, unfortunately they don’t get much of the actual ‘story’ spotlight, meaning: they don’t get many scenes which I think is unfortunate. Ella is pretty cool and adventurous, Lila is super smart (I instantly loved her!) and Rapunzel is really sweet but also brave in her own way.

The book spoilers itself a bit at the beginning but that’s quite alright. At some point I wondered how the princes could get out of the dire situations they constanly got themselves in but this wouldn’t be a book for kids if it didn’t have a happy end.

Also, the illustrations by Todd Harris are great! Too bad they’re printed in b/w only.

(I know I didn’t write about the princes themselves although they’re the main charcters but I guess people in general spend too much time writing about men.)