The Vampire Lestat - Anne Rice

[Originally posted on tumblr on 16. February 2014]


‘The Vampire Lestat' by Anne Rice is the second book by her I read and also the second book of the Vampire Chronicles.
I don’t know anymore who summed up this novel like this but I think it’s absolutely true:
Everyone: “Don’t do the thing, Lestat!”
Lestat: “I did the thing!”

Because Lestat always does what he’s not supposed to do. Anyway, I think this book was way better than ‘Interview with the Vampire’ even though the characters get distracted by themselves - again! Especially how the vampires muse about good and evil all the time can be a bit tedious, mostly when it goes on for several pages. You get not only Lestat’s life story in this book but also the story of Armand and Marius (an even more ancient vampire) and the supposely source of vampirism - two Egyptian vampires.
Also, lots of romance in this one. I’m still puzzled about if mortal!Lestat was actually romantically in love with Nicolas or not but then again, he kissed the guy, they apparently slept in the same bed. I don’t know guys. No one labels this book as m/m romance but I’m pretty sure mortal!Lestat had a thing with Nicolas. Anyway, those two … well wow. That was kind of bitter. And also a bit sweet. Until things went wrong. (Don’t they always for Lestat?)
Sometimes this was extremely frustrating to read because of the endless back-and-forth between the characters. It’s sort of like the author tried to milk the plot for words and while in most cases those extra words actually worked out for the story there are times when it’s just really boring.
(I still don’t geht the Anne Rice concept of vampire love. And I’m asexual after all so I know what liking somone without the desire of going to bed with them is like. Someone explain.)

Anyway, at least no one sparkled.

Edit: I forgot to mention: I really liked the part where Marius told about the old “gods”. That was pretty interesting.