The Crimson Rivers - Jean-Christophe Grangé

[Originally posted on tumblr on 16. February 2014]


I actually finished ‘The Crimson Rivers' by Jean-Christophe Grangé some time last week (Saturday? or something) but I guess sometimes I have to let things … rest for a while to think about them.
Well, anyway, I read the German translation of the book (the only books I read in English are originally in English anyway. The Crimson Rivers is originally in French.)

I bet most people saw ‘The Crimson Rivers’ movie with Jean Reno. Let me tell you something right away: they switched the character of Niemans’ ‘partner’ with some other guy because in the book the second policeman is actually a guy named Karim Abdouf, who is arabian. Or not. Actually, I have a problem with the description in the book concerning him. Apparently he has dreadlocks and (as described) ‘dark skin’ but is arabian. Now, don’t get me wrong, I guess arabian people can totally have dreadlocks. No problem there. At some point though he is more described as a person of colour. Which would also be absolutely fine. It’s just that it’s not very clear and that’s a bit annoying. Maybe it’s a problem with the translation, I don’t know.
Anyway, for most part of the book the characters actually stay apart from each other in their investigations which made it quite interesting for me when they actually finally met and why. Unfortunately they didn’t really investigate the case together which was a bit disappointing but probably better because these two guys are actually a bit too similar in their behaviour. The big difference was how they actually did things. Niemans was quite the ‘powerful’ guy who could order other people around and even made them do stuff that I don’t think the police actually would do in an invenstigation (I admit I don’t know a thing about how the police investigates things but I don’t think combing through an university library in search for books about ‘evil’ stuff counts). Abdouf on the other hand was passed as an undercover agent most of the times because of how he looked which was quite annoying. They’re both no stranger to using pressure to get what they want.

I don’t have much of an experience with mystery/crime novels so I can’t really say if this was a good example for one. I thought it was an interesting book and at times a bit gore-y. Ugh. (You guys do remember that part about the eyes? Yeah well. I could’ve lived without the descriptions in the book.)
Also, the ending was a bit … disappoinging. /: But then again, everyone enjoys different kinds of endings.