The Wise Man's Fear - Patrick Rothfuss

[Originally posted on tumblr on 10. February 2014]


I did mention that I read ‘The Wise Man’s Fear' by Patrick Rothfuss, right? Actually finished it some time ago.
It’s the second book of the Kingkiller Chronicle and it suffers a lot from the sequel disease, despite being book two of a trilogy. Someone once called the second book of a trilogy a ‘bikini’ novel. (That was the author Ingrid Pointecker btw. I have no idea if that was her own idea or if she got it from somewhere.)
So yeah, while the author’s writing is still entertaining, it proves perfectly that you can never completely trust a first person narrator. And in this case, this is very annoying!
This becomes extremely clear when Kvothe meets the fairy … fae… supernatural being ‘Ferulian’ in a ‘off the map’ forest and then runs after her to have sex with her. She sort of tells him how good he was despite it being his first time.
Err. This proves once again that Kvothe is a very unreliable narrator because the way the story progresses he never talks about if he ever had a physical relationship (without sex). This makes it hard to believe that he knew how to please Ferulian, which makes her praise for him weird.
Kvothe is quite the hypocrite too if you ask me. He’s extremely proud of his Edema Ruh parents and heritage but he can’t accept that MAYBE some rumours about them could be true. Once again the work of an unreliable narrator because if you, as the reader, trust his every word then the Edema Ruh are always wrongfully accused of vile acts and thievery - which makes them seem like saints because wow, according to Kvothe they never did anything wrong and are perfect human beings. Say what?

Oh by the way, despite this book being over 1000 pages long it’s actually an easy read. I’m not an extremely fast reader but I still managed to read this book in under one week.

Also, I liked the Adem: they were kind of … different.
Yes, there’s a but: the thing about how ‘men have more rage’ is super dumb. This comes from the misconception that men are naturally more aggressive. I think this is utter bullshit that the author took from our society that teaches men that they have every right to be angry while teaching women that they’re not allowed to show their anger. And there I thought that Rothfuss was at least claiming to be a feminist.
Well. At least it’s nice that every Adem can become a mercenary if they want to, gender being unimportant. GOOD FOR THEM. Also, the thing about showing emotions with their hands and stuff is very interesting.

This got longer than I thought it would. Huh.

So yeah, it wasn’t as good as the first book but it wasn’t unreadable either.