The White Road - Lynn Flewelling Casket of Souls - Lynn Flewelling

[Originally posted on tumblr on 22. January 2014]


I finished the last two (so far) Nightrunner books ‘The White Road' and 'Casket of Souls' by Lynn Flewelling.
I’m very much pleased about how ‘The White Road’ ended. I’m quite curious though about what happened to Ilar after all of that. I wouldn’t be surprised if he would turn up again. But then again… well, they were and the shore of Plenimar… hmm.

Anyway! ‘Casket of Souls’ takes the main characters back to Rhíminee, which means more efficient nightrunning and thieving and stuff. YAY. There are two main plots though one is once again a political plot. Still, it’s pretty good in my opinion. :D

… well, now it means waiting until April for the (probably) last book of the series.
Sorry for the short post but when it’s about a book series it’s hard to make longer posts without explaining all the things.