Traitor's Moon - Lynn Flewelling Shadows Return - Lynn Flewelling

[originally posted on tumblr on 17. January 2014]


So, I finished a couple of books since my last update:
From the Nightrunner series (aka, what am I doing to myself?): ‘Traitor’s Moon' and 'Shadows Return' which were both quite heartbreaking at times though interesting to read. I especially liked reading about Aurënen though the murder plot there was a bit … yeah, well. Something different than any story that could be done in a proper city like Rhíminee.
Shadow’s Return was quite dark and aaahhh, quite sad. D:
Okay, I have to admit, that they’re keeping Sebrahn in the fifth book is a bit annoying.
Oh btw, I got all the books now except for ‘Glimpses’, which is an in-between-book with short stories. I hope I’ll get it soon. <3