Stalking Darkness - Lynn Flewelling

[Originally posted on tumblr on 14. January 2014]


I finished Lynn Flewelling’s second book of the Nightrunner series ‘Stalking Darkness' in record time.
Okay, I admit I was curious about the main characters becoming a pair but then there was also EVERYTHING ELSE. I mean, the main plot was sometimes as elusive as the main quest in the Elder Scrolls games but it did come back in the end and everything added up. Yay.
This book got me to worry over characters in a way I rarely worry ALTHOUGH I know there are more books with those guys in them! As the main characters! Gosh, this author had me gasping for breath. Yet another fun read.
Oh, and also: BEKA IS AMAZING. I love that girl!

I do admit though that the author’s flowery language is a bit weird but I love the characters enough to overlook that. As well as UNCLE SEREGIL EXPLAINS THINGS.
His info dumping tendencies got me thinking of Sir Arthur Conan Doyle’s Sherlock Holmes. You know, the original Sherlock Holmes. Seregil sure is a lot like Sherlock in some ways. I mean, the way he lets Alec figure out things isn’t very much unlike how Sherlock Holmes sometimes lets John Watson look for clues. Even if only to stimulate his own thoughts. The big difference though is that Sherlock Holmes didn’t take John Watson on as his … well, sort of apprentice. :’)
Also, do I really have to mention the chaos at the Cockerel in Seregil’s room? I’ll just say: persian slipper.