Magic Bites -  Ilona Andrews

[originally posted on tumblr on 8. December 2013]


The first of the 'Kate Daniels' series. It's the sort of novel of that type of urban fantasy that is a lot less romantic about magic and stuff. It's a fantasy/crime novel with a very strong female character. Although you get that Kate (the main character) is special, it's nothing that pops up all the time, which means it's not too bothersome. You also get some fun shapechangers who are not anywhere near 'Twilight' niveau, speaking of twilight, the vampires in this novel are really gross. Well done, Ilona Andrews. Well done.
I want to read more of that series. It’s only too bad that Kate was the only female main character - maybe that’s different in the other novels of the series? (In retrospect: the characters who have most scenes are Kate (she’s a first person narrator), Curran, Derek and Dr. Crest (who is also male). Then you got the villain who only gets significant page time at the end of the novel. Also a guy.)