Transformation (Rai Kirah) - Carol Berg

[Originally posted on tumblr on 14. November 2013]


I read 'Transformation' by Carol Berg like a madperson and finished it today. Um. Alright, I have no idea why I even picked up this book. I think because someone on Goodreads wrote about ‘homoerotic subtext’ in their review? I couldn’t see anything there. What I read instead were many three dimensional characters, nicely built cultures and an interesting but simple fantasy world. So yeah, that’s a good reason to pick up this book and I’m curious about the other two books. It’s apparently a trilogy.
I have no idea if I should write about the plot since it’s a bit complicated in my head. I’ll give it a try.
Err, so, you have Seyonne - the first person narrator. He’s a slave and gets bought by the rpince of the empire that conquered his country. He becomes the prince’s writing slave and learns that there are people who are posessed by demons in the empire who try to overtake it. Seyonne is from a race (or whatever you would actually call it) that fights demons and because of some circumstances he didn’t know at first he decides to do everything he can to stop the demons from possessing the prince.
Well, at first it’s a bit strange but in time the characters learn to respect each other and also start to care for each other. I guess this is where some people see the ‘homoerotic subtext’ because apparently to some people you can’t care greatly for someone who isn’t your brother or sister without being romantically in love with them or something. Anyway, I really liked the story and how it developed and if you’re into fantasy stories with demons and magic and stuff: go ahead and read it.