Reaper Man (Discworld, #11) - Terry Pratchett

[Originally posted on tumblr on 9. September 2013]


Some ‘Reaper Man' reading progress:
I mean seriously, Windle Poon? Ridcully? Bill Door?
I had to laugh so often already because of this book. It’s amazing. Unfortunately I’m not really much in the mood to read so I didn’t get far yet. Only about 100 pages. I especially liked how Windle Poon is too stubborn to stay ‘dead’. Or, well, wherever his mage colleagues put him. And stuff. Hahah.

Also, Death being kind of ‘idk about this name thing’ was super hilarious. There’s no Mr. Sky. Why not?
Sometimes I feel like the subplots are sort of random and then all of sudden they make sense in the story. This is really great. I need to read more Discworld novels, obviously. I really love the humor!