Neverwhere - Neil Gaiman

[Originally posted on tumblr on 10. June 2013]


I finally sat myself down and finished 'Neverwhere' by Neil Gaiman. For some reason, Gaiman’s books fail to … blow me away. You know. That feeling when you get when you finish an amazing book.

I mean, I really liked the story and the book overall but for some reason it didn’t excite me all that much. As for magic realism, Gaiman’s London Below seems really believeable to me. Like, in itself. (I guess you fantasy/book fans get what I mean.) Richard though wasn’t such an appealing character to me. Of course this raises yet again the question if there is really any need for a likeable character. I mean sure, I get him. I understand what’s up with him, especially because it’s easy to understand that being ripped out of your life is freaking horrible. Still, I couldn’t get myself to be excited about the things he does.
Speaking of ‘horrible’, amazingly brutal things happen in this book and they’re just … there. It scares me a bit that this didn’t draw much of a response from me.

Anyway, I’m not sure if I want to read any other of Gaiman’s books because … Stardust pretty much had the same effect on me. I liked it, sure, but it wasn’t that exciting. I like Neil Gaiman as, let’s say, the person he represents (since it’s hard to say that you like someone you don’t know personally) so I might change my mind again about this.