The Last Werewolf - Glen Duncan

[Originally posted on tumblr on 14. May 2013]


I finished Glen Duncan’s ‘The Last Werewolf' which I mostly read when I was sitting in public transport or had some time at work.
Again, I don’t know a thing about genres, this is probably a lit fic though. The narrator (the main character at first, then another character) talks in this kind of complicated, highly intellectual way. Why not, though? He’s more than a hundred years old and got some time to think about stuff. So yeah, I’m totally buying that the werewolf narrator puts down his thoughts in his journal (which the book is supposed to be) in this kind of way. The plot is actually very simple: Jacob (the MC) is the last werewolf and some monster hunting organization is trying to give him a good finale. (Which means a final fight.)


If they just could because some vampires also had an interest in him for some reason. At least this didn’t become some kind of Twilight thing, because the werewolves and the vampires can’t ‘smell’ each other.

Also, the MC is the last werewolf for a reason. Not just some fancy amazing thing like, the hunters killed them all. I guess that’s what the protagonists of Supernatural would like. Because of some virus the werewolf curse kills people instead of turning them. Well yay, huh? Unfortunately, that virus makes it possible for vampires not to start burning when they go out into the sun, which is why the vampires want to figure out how to use the virus.

The plot of the book pretty much takes some turns which makes it really interesting because at some point it seemed like there were just too many pages left for the direcction the plot was currently taking. So the ending came as quite a surprise. At least to me. (You know, I’m not all that good at guessing endings unless they’re extremely cliché.) The way it was written made it a little tedious to read, but not too much. I guess that’s because, after all, this is some kind of literary fiction book.

So yeah, I think this was quite an interesting book even if it took me longer to read than it actually should. Ah, also, there was some explicit stuff, some sex and of course werewolves killing humans, that kind of thing. At least that didn’t get too tedious because explicit stuff in books can turn repetitive and boring.
An okay read. I don’t know if I want to read the other books of this trilogy though.