Northern Lights  - Philip Pullman

[Originally posted on tumblr on 2. May 2013]


I finished ‘Northern Lights' by Philip Pullman this morning.

What can I say?
I’m probably a bit biased. You know, when ‘The Golden Compass’ movie came out (of which I can’t remember much) there was once again some kind of witch hunt originating from religious groups about this movie and book series. I admit I don’t know a thing about the authors religious beliefs and frankly: I’m glad I don’t and I DON’T need a reblog or message or anything like that in which some user thinks they’re smart and explain to me the religious belief of a person that is not themself. Which means, don’t even try, guys. Unless you’re Pullman yourself you got no right to tell me about his beliefs.
So back to the thing about me being biased: Well, I’m not a religious person at all so reading a book by an author who uses the religion in his book as a story device rather than a tool to preach to the readers is extremely refreshing. I like that. I’m also biased because in Jo Walton’s amazing ‘Among Others’ the main character made the comparison about how Philip Pullman did a good job to write ‘our world’ + fantasy elements while C.S. Lewis wrote religious stuff in the guise of fantasy novels which made the main character pretty much dislike the Narnia series.
Now, let’s not talk about that further, let’s just say I liked Walton’s comparisons.
So yeah, I’m biased because I liked what other people said about ‘His Dark Materials’.

After actually reading the first book:
I love it.
I really like Lyra. Sure, she’s the chosen one in this story, but she’s smart and witty and you know, she’s everything male characters usually are - without being obnoxious. Also, it’s probably because I share the sentiment of not loving your parents. (That though is a personal thing I don’t want to talk about in a book post - let’s just say it’s not at all a thing of abuse but a thing about neglet.)
I also love the thing about the dæmons. How they’re basically a part of a person, a part of their ‘heart’ but actually outside of their body.
Since I already knew the plot of this one somewhat I wasn’t too surprised about many things in the beginning. It was only near the end that I had a few moments when I couldn’t put this book down. You know, there’s a plot twist at the end of this book that made me look up and … you know, I made that look you make when you can’t believe what you just read in a book. (I guess that’s a common thing, right?) I also like the theories about ‘Dust’ in this book. It’s like a mystery you want to find out as a reader. It’s not just the characters - it really drew me in!
I really liked this book and I can’t believe that it took me so long to start reading this series.
Oh also, I got the books in an omnibus with a really beautiful cover. Just look at this beauty:


The leopard on this amazing cover was originally made for ‘The Amber Spyglass’ by the illustrator Dominic Harman. Take a look at his website here:

This book also includes the illustrations Philip Pullman made for the chapter titles. <3