Drachenpfade - Anja Freckmann, Nick Perumov, Sergej Lukianenko, Sergei Lukyanenko

[Originally posted on tumblr on 17. April 2013]


And I finished another book. In the German translation it’s called 'Drachenpfade', according to Wikipedia the translation of the Russian title is 'Not the time for dragons'. Some sort of co-written book by Sergei Lukyanenko and Nick Perumov.

Do you know Avater: The Last Airbender? You better forget about that when you read that this book has ‘elemental clans’. Lukyanenko is known for not writing any coddling kind of magic. In one of the first scenes in this book someone gets ripped apart by a water whip.
Oh btw, this starts out in ‘the other side’ which is what they call ‘our’ world in this book. Then there’s the ‘middle world’ (not middle earth) which has some magic, elves, gnomes and humans (as well as those elemental clans and totemic clans - the totemic clans seem to have only canid and feline animals though) but also some electricity and even trains! Then there’s also a third world which is made purely of magic. (Unfortunately I don’t know how to translate the name of that third world because the English language has a lot of words for things we only have one word in German. The closest I can get is ‘the world of the heirs’ which might be nonesense and ‘the world of the natives’ which is also close but doesn’t sound right apart from what the characters tell the main MC about it.)

Viktor, one of the main characters has quite an unfortunate journey into this world because people randomly try to kill him. Our author duo was nice enough to switch POV in the middle of every chapter so we actually figure out that the second main character - a guy called Ritor - tries to kill the ‘dragon killer’ because he wants the last dragon to return.
Okay, so timeout, the middle world was once ruled by dragons who were great about keeping the invaders from that third world out of the middle world. Another thing about the three worlds: they are actually one world, it only depends on what part of it you’re in. I don’t really get it but one of the characters actually said this is no parallel world thing.
Back to Ritor and the dragon killing business: they suspect Viktor to be the next dragon killer and therefore try to off him. Since Viktor gets all kind of weird dream sequences you don’t know at first if he’s actually really the dragon killer. The dreams kind of spoil the ending and I wasn’t surprised about it.
So yeah, Viktor has to go through elemental trials (defeating mages and stuff) so that he would gain the power of the dragon killer.

Oh I almost forgot about the third main character.
Now that’s a character I would like to slap the authors for.
Loj Iwer is the head of the cat clan, she’s a mage of the highest class, clever, cunning and stuff like that and knows how to influence people BUT!
But the only ‘weapon’ she’s actually using is sexuality.
Now, I don’t think it’s a bad thing at all to have characters who are open about their sexuality and Loj wasn’t ‘shamed’ by others because of how she acted.
Still! Why make her such an amazing mage with such a witt if the most important part of her being a main character is that she has sex?
She also has NINE LIVES! She dies twice in the story! This should actually be the most amazing character ever but the way the authors used her in the story was just fucking stupid. I’m so done with this bullshit.

Also, there were times when I wanted to throw this book against the next wall for all the stupid sexist phrases the authors put into this book. Like, the retarded patriachic statement that ‘women naturally want others [men] to like them’. MY BULLSHIT SENSE IS TINGLING. That’s only one of those stupid phrases that are in this novel. What the hell.

Sorry, but the sexist stuff made me so angry that it overshades that this story was actually mostly okay.