Inheritance - Christopher Paolini,  Gerard Doyle

[Originally posted on tumblr on 5. April 2013]


I told one of my colleagues (the one who drew the pigeon picture) about the thing with the werecats in 'Inheritance' today. I also told her about under which condition the werecats would join the Varden.

She didn’t say anything but made a gesture with her hands that symbolized how the werecats would become extremely obese if they would really get one chicken every day and fresh liver every other day. (This went like this: She made that gesture and then said something like ‘… a chicken every day’.)

Then again, neither of us knows exactly how big those cats are.
I can’t remember and the inheritance wiki isn’t very helpful (‘large shaggy cat’ - if someone here on tumblr knows how big those creatures are please tell me!) but we both agree that the werecat king commanding normal cats into battle is really stupid. Normal cat vs. armoured soldier = animal abuse. Those poor cats.

Anyway, why isn’t Galbatorix doing anything against the Varden? He must be one of the most incompetent villians ever. He’s supposed to be so powerful that the Varden need that deus ex machina spear to even have a chance against him (why else does it appear in the first chapters of this book?) but he can’t even try to seriously try and get rid of his enemies? Meh.