Among Others - Jo Walton

[Originally posted on tumblr on 25. March 2013]


The book I’m currently reading is ‘Among Others' by Jo Walton. Mostly, this is a book about books. You probably heard of it already since it won the Nebula Award in 2012. I'm 74 pages into the story and so far it's hard to tell for me if the magic is actually real or only in Mori's head. Since she's yet another outsider type character I strongly root for her. (Especially since she doesn't care for the competitions at her boarding school.)


[Originally posted on tumblr on 4. April 2013]


This one was written in a diary style but you can probably guess that there’s more to it than simply being a diary. Mor (the main character) talks in her diary not only about books (mostly Science Fiction and Fantasy, sometimes Plato and others) but also about the sometimes ‘magical’ things that happen in her life. That’s pretty much the interesting thing about this book: You don’t know if Mor is only making it up or if there’s really magic in her life.
The plot is pretty much like this: After losing her twin sister and wrecking her hip Mor has to life with her father - a man she never met before. Her three aunts send her off to boarding school where she doesn’t quite fit in.

I really like Mor because she and I have at least some things in common. She doesn’t care for the games in her school or the competition between the houses, she doesn’t mind keeping to herself and loves reading.

This book is said to be like a loveletter to librarians and to the genres Science Fiction and Fantasy. That’s quite true but it’s also a book about the love for books and that it’s alright and I don’t really know what more I can say about this book other that I think it really deserved that award and yeah. It’s great. <3