Needful Things - Stephen King

[Originally posted on tumblr on 3. February 2013]


‘Needful Things' by Stephen King was among my stack of books I bought about two years ago when I didn't know yet what to read. I guess I didn't read it for such a long time because the number of pages and formatting was still unusual to me.

I guess I can’t really say much about the book other that I thought it was very fascinating. It has a long list of characters and at some point I had a little trouble remembering who was who but it was easy to figure it out again. I was happy about how it ended since there are some characters I really like. :’) (In before: “but I like bad endings better”: Boohoo, this is my post, write your own one without reblogging other people’s texts).

So far I don’t have much experience with Horror books and this is only the third book by Stephen King I read. I can only say, if it’s like in the three books by Stephen King I read so far I guess I like the Horror genre so far. :’)