Island - Jane Rogers

[Originally posted on tumblr on 27. January 2013]


I have no idea about literary fiction. Well, I guess I know what it is, or what it’s supposed to be but I never picked up a book I knew was literary fiction on purpose. Well, I picked up 'Island' by Jane Rogers on purpose because the movie adaption (with Colin Morgan - the original reason I watched this movie) was a bit confusing and I couldn’t understand most of the dialogues because of the accents (cut me some slack at this point - English isn’t my native language). The thing is, people shelved this as literary fiction on Goodreads so I guess that’s probably it.

What can I say? It’s an interesting book that makes it hard to root for the main character. Who is a strong young woman and that’s what I really like about this book.

At first this story seems to take a long time to actually get going. You have your main character there telling you all kind of things about her. Of course from the beginning. Sort of. Then, there’s finally some interaction with other characters. This book is also full of some (but not mainly) other stories. Short fairy tales the main character gets told by her brother and one story she herself tells.

I could probably go on and sum up the story but you wouldn’t want that. Especially since it’s a bit … depressing. Not the kind that makes you cry because like I said, it’s hard to root for the main character in this book.