Q and A - Vikas Swarup

[Originally posted on Tumblr on 16. January 2013]


I finished reading ‘Q and A' by Vikas Swarup today.

I really enjoyed reading this while at the same time wondering about how over the top the bad things are that happen to the characters. I don’t know much about India so it’s not my place to assume if these bad things in the novel could actually all happen to one person. The thing is only that I really doubt it.

The Epilogue leaves a weird after-taste since it’s only a summary of the things that happened after the last regular chapter. /:

I really like happy ends but sometimes they seem a bit too much. This book is about a guy who runs into one problem after the other and every single one of them is truly dreadful. Then all of sudden everythings all right again and awesome. It’s one of those ‘from rags to riches’ stories but the ‘rags’ part is over the top.

Or, whatever. I don’t really know what to think about this book. It seems a bit ill-balanced to me, that’s all.