Clouds And Rain - Zahra Owens

[Originally posted on tumblr on 24. Octover 2012]


I started reading 'Clouds and Rain' by Zahra Owens.

D’aww. I get the feeling that all the stories published by Dreamspinner Press are this cute. I’m not talking about ‘shounen ai fanfiction’ type of cute, I’m talking about ‘men have feelings too while staying totally cool about it’ kind of cute. Like, ohnoes, guy A can’t tell guy B that he thinks he’s hot because woah, we still got some work to do around here. At the same time, there’s no nonesense about blushing at things like this. This is about men with chest hair. And so on. And sweat and actually, people in these stories have lube and don’t use bullshit like salvia or blood. Derp.

Or something like that.
I sometimes like easy reads like this. :’D

(Trololol this entry is mostly about gay porn. To be honest: this and ‘Seducing C.C.’ are the only books of this type I own and I bought them quite randomly in the spur of the moment.)