Bewahrer Des Chaos - Wladimir Wassiljew, Christiane Pöhlmann

[Originally posted on tumblr on 22. October 2012]


… I really tried liking that book by Wladimir Wassiljew which he set in Lukanyenko’s ‘watch’ universe but somehow the characters never manage to get into action. So far the majority of scenes take place with the characters sitting around and talking. There was only one real confrontation and some action but it was described in a really obscure way. I can’t blame the translator on this one because hey, I could see that this one big action scene was obviously a hell of a job to translate.

I’m already on page 316 of 408 but I doubt there will be any more ‘action’ yet. Reading this books feels like waiting for the middle part … for an endless amount of time. The author’s theories are really nice and all, but nothing’s really happening.

Because really now, the ‘Watch’ series is about magic in an urban enviroment and offers countless of opportunities for stuff to happen. I can’t remember Lukanyenko writing most of his stories with the characters sitting around and drinking their brains out.