Forgiveness - Jim Grimsley

[Originally posted on tumblr on 8. October 2012]


A random story:

Last year my father wanted to borrow an english book from me. Since he prefers hardcover books and I have a habit of buying mostly paperbacks (they’re cheaper - get over it) he grabbed the only hardcover book on my shelf: 'Forgiveness' by Jim Grimsley.

Several months later when I visited my parents I asked him if he finished reading it because unfortunately my father has a habit of not giving books back that he borrowed.

Turns out he couldn’t get past the first page because he didn’t get that the first scene in the book is the main character’s interpretation of a TV spot about a SUV.

This book is basically about the main character plotting to kill his wife who spent all his money on stuff like cosmetic operations, clothes and the like. He even goes on fantasizing about how he would be famous and get an interview on TV an things like that. Since he’s out of work he doesn’t have much else to do all day long… He finally succeeds and kills his wife - unfortunately he kills his son too (who mocks his father).

I really like Grimsley. I mean, some of the stuff he writes about seems quite weird and whatever. This guy was basically the reason why I started reading books in English - because most of his books were either not available translated into German or they were out of print. Oh what, I think I have to re-read this book.