Gifts - Ursula K. Le Guin Voices (Annals of the Western Shore #2) - Ursula K. Le Guin Powers (Annals of the Western Shore #3) - Ursula K. Le Guin

[Originally posted on tumblr on 23. August 2012]

I started reading “Gifts” by Ursula K. Le Guin and asldfkajdf why is everything she writes so addictive?

Orrec is so awwwwww.

Poor guy.


I hope he ends up in a better situation. Or something like that.

(Also, what’s up with Emmon? If he actually had a clue about the ‘gifts’ he would sound like he had a death wish or something…)


[Originally posted on tumblr on 31. August 2013]

Oh, why is every book of the ‘Annals of the Western Shore' series this tragic?

I can’t … anymore. D:

But I have to keep on reading and at the same time I fear the end of the book because the third is the last (so far?).

Oh this beautiful pain.