Seducing C.C. - Ariel Tachna

[Originally posted on tumblr on 15. August 2012]


After finishing ‘Seducing C.C.’ by Ariel Tachna:

If m/m romance written by a woman reads like this book - does f/m romance written by a man read like this too, when written from the POV of the woman? Or f/f romance?

I can’t put the difference into words, but if I take a book like, hum, let’s say anything Grimsley wrote that has m/m ‘romance’ in it, it just reads differently.
Then again to be fair, Grimsley is one of those type of authors who has magic in his words and paints you a picture with it.

Does anyone know what I mean?

That’s kind of like when I write about sex. Not the same as if written by a person who actually had sex and likes it.

(Btw, I’m NOT against women writing gay porn. You can write whatever you want, really. I don’t see why anyone should question that!)